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The Union of the International Road Carriers of the Republic of Kazakhstan (KazATO) has commenced preparations for building the “Academy IRU” Training Center (IRU Academy’s branch) inside “Khorgos” ICBC for training managers and drivers carrying international road transportation.

Currently, as part of support of the economic globalization process by the People’s Republic of China, in connection with the adoption of the TIR CONVENTION by PRC and accession of the Chinese Road Transport Association (CRTA) to the International Road Transport Union (IRU), the Chinese transport operators aim at further carrying out of the international road transportation under the TIR system along the international transportation corridor Western China – Western Europe via Kazakhstan, further to the countries of Central Asia, CIS and EU.

With a view to entering the logistic markets of services on the afore-mentioned transportation corridor Western China-Western Europe, Chinese road transportation companies need to educate and retrain managers and drivers carrying out international road transportation in the relevant certified and accredited IRU Academy training centers.

They can use the “IRU Academy” Training Center (IRU Academy branch) to train managers and drivers carrying out international road transportation; this center is located directly on the RK and PRC border in “Khorgos” ICBC. The certificates issued by IRU Academy are valid worldwide.


  1. The location of the IRU Academy inside “Khorgos” ICBC with a visa-free visit and a 30 day long stay;
  2. A simplified access on the basis of identification documents from both sides;
  3. Training courses in accordance with the subject may last for 10 to 20 business days. The Training Center has modern interactive classrooms, hotel rooms and other leisure premises (meals taking area, sports complex);
  4. Recreational and shopping-entertainment facilities are located within the walking distance.

Therefore, it should be noted that the IRU Academy is the only global organization specializing in the road transportation related professional training. The IRU Academy contributes to the improvement of international standards of the road transport related professional training, thereby ensuring a high level of road safety, efficiency, reliability as well as the sustainable development and prosperity of the whole industry.

By virtue of its network representing 60 associated training institutions from more than 40 countries, thousands of drivers and carriers graduate from the IRU Academy each year. The IRU Academy forms program documents to enhance the potential improving the performance as well as the professionalism, responsible approach to training and to conducting the training process under the developed educational methodology guaranteeing the proper approach.

“IRU Academy” Training Center, which is included in the international network of the Accredited Training Centers (ATC) under the IRU Academy, will allow trainees and trainers choosing vocational training programs and having access to the teaching materials rendered in several languages while managing the educational process based on the multi-language platform.

Training Center’s mission

  • Facilitating the development and enhancement of efficiency of business of the transportation enterprises by way of training and advanced training of their workers.
  • Facilitating the development of the cross-border cooperation in a new format of the training system.

Training center’s objectives

  • Advanced training of specialists and drivers of transportation companies on the basis of the modern training programs.
  • Improvement of organization and staffing of the training process.

Training center’s functions

  • Development of programs of the occupational training, retraining, advanced training, workshop and training programs.
  • Organization of training, retraining, advanced training of specialists and drivers (including foreign ones) under occupational training programs.
  • Development, publication and distribution of teaching and methodological materials.
  • Providing trainees with teaching materials and regulatory and methodological documents for the implementation of the training process.
  • Conducting workshops, international conferences, trainings on the organization of international road transportations.
  • Conducting ongoing master classes by the leading specialists in the field of logistics and customs procedures through the example of export and import cargo operations in “Khorgos” ICBC.
  • Organization of foreign language training courses (native speaking teachers).
  • Organization of additional training courses on innovative areas (state programs) in the field of transportation and communications (decisions of transportation public councils and other public associations and unions and authorized state bodies).

Address: Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty region, Panfilov district, Khorgos (ICBC) International Center of Boundary Cooperation, spot No.20-21, “IRU Academy” Training Center, “Trade and Logistics Center Mustang Cargo LTD”.
Phone numbers: +7 727 295 52 32
Email: uc@kazato.kz, kazato@kazato.kz

You may also contact the head office of KazATO Training Center at: Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty city, Atyrau 2 mcrd., building 111 (along Ryskulov avenue).
Phone numbers: +7 727 295 52 32
Email: uc@kazato.kz
Web-site: www.kazato.kz



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According to statistic data, a number of visitors from both Kazakhstan and China for the first half of Y2017 is 1,613,884 people.