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Integrated warehouse solutions

The list of cargo storage integrated solutions being offered by “Trade and Logistics Center Mustang Cargo LTD” LLP includes:

  • unloading / loading of goods either using forklifts or manually depending on the customer’s requirements;
  • weighing, sorting, marking of cargo, putting stickers or labels;
  • warehousing in accordance with storage conditions required for them;
  • packing, repacking or repackaging of goods;
  • co-packing is pre-packaging and packaging of wholesale lots of goods for retail sale (multi-packs, metro units, gift and advertising sets, etc.);
  • selection and disposal of damaged / defective cargo including the preparation of relevant certificates;
  • formalization of the full package of supporting documents;
  • consultations regarding all issues related to warehouse logistics, cargo storage and other possible storage aspects.

Besides, our company is consolidating assorted cargoes on a “turnkey” basis – from delivering them to warehousing sites to sorting them into batches and sending to final consumers.

“Trade and Logistics Center Mustang Cargo LTD” LLP is one of the few companies providing services related to warehousing, storage, support and relevant processing of goods. Having concluded a goods custody contract our clients may no longer be worried that the quality of products will worsen with time because the material responsibility for goods received in the warehouse is shifted onto the logistics company. Therefore, the ideal conditions for storage of various types’ goods are ensured in warehouses. Our warehouse facilities are modern and are well equipped. Warehouse logistics services are also provided for bulky cargoes.

Processing, storage and warehousing of cargoes are required first of all for ensuring their safety. Besides, optimal warehousing organization means that any item of goods has its designated place; therefore, it can be easily found. The placement of goods is done in a way that allows using warehouse facilities most efficiently and thereby, making it convenient to account and access goods for their movement.

Safety of goods at the warehouse is ensured by the creation of proper storage conditions for each type of goods. The goods are protected against damage and theft. A security system is in place at each warehouse; this system can include alarm system, video-surveillance, security and access control.

Storage and warehousing of goods is arranged on the floor or on racks. Usually, unitized loads or goods’ packages are piled on the floor. This method is most suitable for warehousing big lots of goods of the same kind, which are huge in size and are heavy. Racked way storage allows most reasonably using the space.

The following types of racks are used:

  • shelf-style (of different height),
  • pass-in (drive-in),
  • movable,
  • elevator.

Rack storage of goods at the warehouse ensures an easy access, allows visually monitoring the safety and quantity, and makes maintenance easy. The racks allow ensuring conditions of warehousing of goods which may not be piled in order to avoid damaging. If needed, the racks equipped warehouse may have operating machineries which simplify access to the storage areas located at height, save efforts when moving heavy and big goods.

Pallets (trays) can be used both for floor arranged and rack-type storage of goods. Usage of pallets simplifies servicing and moving heavy loads with the help of machineries. It significantly mitigates a risk of damaging goods and package.

Besides warehousing and storage, the goods are being processed at warehouses. This is an array of activities starting from acceptance of goods and ending with shipment. As the client may request, the quality control, marking, sorting and batching may be done as well as splitting of batches of goods into smaller ones, transshipment of goods from one transportation vehicle to another.

“Trade and Logistics Center Mustang Cargo LTD” LLP logistics operator provides the high level of processing and warehousing of goods.

Competitive advantages

Cooperation with “Trade and Logistics Center Mustang Cargo LTD” LLP guarantees the following advantages to its clients:

Savings. The client does not have to spend money for hiring personnel, special machinery, packing equipment because the client has fully equipped premises which are perfectly fit for storing goods. The storage price is further reduced by the fact that the client pays solely for the effective space being used, but not for the idle premises (as this may happen if you rent a warehouse).

Material liability. We bear a comprehensive responsibility for the safety of goods on the client’s sites including the conclusion of the official contract and execution of the insurance certificate.

Automation. Accounting management is carried out using specialized software and data acquisition terminals – warehouse terminals endowed with the additional means of protection against theft or loss of data.

Absolute security. All warehousing sites are equipped with inside and outside video surveillance, burglar alarm, and automatic fire suppression systems. Modern climate control systems allow maintaining necessary temperatures for cargoes requiring special storage conditions.

Transparency and continuous monitoring. Upon the first request, the clients are provided with the most complete reports about cargo movement inside warehouses. With a view to enhancing the safety of goods we provide an opportunity of video and photo shooting of cargoes at the time of their arrival/departure from the warehouse and in the course of their warehouse processing.



“Trade and Logistics Center Mustang Cargo LTDLLP started working with “Magnum Cash&Carry” LLP for cooperation and creation of the pilot project.



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