Russia trading house

Project location

The Trade and Logistics Center with the built-in training and hotel complex is located inside “Khorgos” International Center of Boundary Cooperation in the Penjin rural area, Panfilov district, Almaty region of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The complex is highlighted by red on the diagram – sites No.20, 21.

Complex general layout

Description of buildings
Item No.NameArea, m2
1Shopping mall2698,9
2Warehouse terminal2451,7
3Control and weighing module250,0
4Transformer Substation54,0
5Utility module180,0
6Training center with the hotel4011,0
7Sports ground 
 Site area5.75 Ha



“Trade and Logistics Center Mustang Cargo LTDLLP started working with “Magnum Cash&Carry” LLP for cooperation and creation of the pilot project.



According to statistic data, a number of visitors from both Kazakhstan and China for the first half of Y2017 is 1,613,884 people.