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ICBC Brief Characteristics

All focal items of the engineering and transportation infrastructure costing overall 36.1 billion tenge were commissioned. The joint check point was built with the throughput capacity of 10 thousand people and 500 trucks per day.

The special conditions apply inside the Center:

  • visa-free visit of ICBC for nationals of RK, PRC and other countries;
  • individuals may stay inside ICBC for up to 30 days;
  • free movement of citizens and goods within the ICBC borders;
  • duty-free export of goods from ICBC for the amount up to € 1500, but not more than 50 kg.

“Khorgos” ICBC is not a transit point for individuals. The main principle of the joint Kazakh-Chinese territory is that the departure from the ICBC is made through the same checkpoint through which the entry was made.

In 2014, 463 thousand people visited the ICBC from Kazakhstan, 891 thousand people from China. Chinese tourists spent more than 830 million yuan for tourism and purchases.

Perspectives of the adjacent infrastructure development

  • Construction of the international airport for the reception of cargo and passenger aircrafts;
  • Construction of 30 industrial enterprises in the “Khorgos-East Gate” SEZ with a total area of 600 ha and the throughput capacity of about 20,000,000 tons of cargo per year, which have the opportunity to place their products inside “Khorgos” ICBC;
  • Improvement of the railway line Zhetigen-Khorgos for reducing travel time (20 km);
  • Expansion of the Nurkent populated center having a settlement status with the population of 2,500 people up to the city with 100,000 people living in it (10 km);
  • Construction of the Transcontinental Corridor “Western Europe – Western China” (15 km).



“Trade and Logistics Center Mustang Cargo LTDLLP started working with “Magnum Cash&Carry” LLP for cooperation and creation of the pilot project.



According to statistic data, a number of visitors from both Kazakhstan and China for the first half of Y2017 is 1,613,884 people.